Do unto others
Before they
do unto you
I never thought
like that
….And every time
I go out
I think only that
People are especially cruel
when they think
they are superior to you

Do unto others
and pray that
there really is justice

Pray that KARNA
really does exist


One comment

  1. ModWestMuse

    “Do unto others
    Before they
    do unto you”
    That’s a great line. The creed of the pre-emptive strikers, the ‘end justifies the means’ mentality and I’d even suggest, the evil-doers. This is a kind of Anti-Karma.

    In Islam, there is a concept that pride, arrogance and the superiority complex is the hallmark of Satan. It was his first crime in not wanting to acknowledge mankind as worthy of respect. (Qur’an 20:116 and 7:12) What else is hubris? Therein was his downfall. His Self-wrought tragedy.

    “Pray that
    there really is justice”? Great line too. I must share with you the happy news that All the Prophets of Old and the Last Prophet (peace on them all – with no distinction) that “There is no justice but The Justice” just as “there is god but The God.” This motto is supposed to be an affirmative and hopeful calling. (PS ‘Justice’ – Adl – is one of the famous 99 Names of God, in Islam.)

    You’ve got me reflecting on this post of yours. Thank you. Wishing you the best 🙂

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