The last time
I went out
It was akin
to a mini
The bus dropped me
off at about 10AM
I asked the driver
(as I always do)
to find out
my pickup time
He said “Noon”Two hours
It was a cold day
made that much worse
by a rather strong
Northwest wind

Two hours is
…about one hour
too long for me
especially at Walmart
I’m a quick shopper

I needed and a new sweatshirt
and dress on clearance

I was checked out
and ready to roll
at about 11:15
I knew how early
I was, so I bought
a soda
I saw a county bus
I walked over
and asked the driver
If he could take me home
I live less than a mile
from this inconsequential
strip mall
Before I even
told him where
I was going; He said
“Can’t you see I’m busy’

He was parked outside
the dental office

He just looked at me
and said; “Lady~
it’s cold out~
go back to Walmart
and wait
He was a bit too
condesending for my taste
He could have been nice
He was abrupt
I went back to Walmart;
feeling VERY defeated
and like an idiot
I just decided to just sit
on a bench and wait

I called the office
at about 12:10
waiting is NOT
my strong suit
I also had bought
frozen food
I sat close to an open door
It was clearly my fault
I’m ALWAYS early
The woman in the office
told me where the bus was
(about a mile away)
WHY was it taking so long?

I must have called
the office 3-5 times

At 12:30 FINALLY
my bus appeared
Now- I had 4 bags
(The limit per passenger)
The only reason I knew this
was because I had 5 bags
the week before
The driver was pissed
I started to grab my bags
and she said
“That’s MY job”
and by the way
the limit of bags is 4

No only did I have 5t bags;
I was quite willing
to carry my own purchases
Now I don’t know about
anyone else
but…IF I’m going to
the food store,i think
in terms of money~not bags

The county allows
me 2 food trips per week
(9 bags)
I’m lucky
I have people who help me
The driver last week
said nothing about my bags;
though indeed he helped
The bus was empty

He had an apologetic
look on his face
I look at the free bus service
as a gift
It can be annoying
but I need it
I do not want to piss
the driver off
He was a “regular”
I had drove with him before
and he was nice
I said something about
the 4 bag limit
he just said
“Listen when the driver
drops you

I guess there are
I do not drive

I also do not make trouble
I’ve NEVER complained
about a driver being early, late
or nasty
I also tip
the drivers are not allowed
to take tips
IF there are other people
on the bus; I do NOT tip

IF a driver is nice
and helps me
I offer a tip
(in private)
these people do not make
a living wage
$1-3 will not
“break the bank”
If a driver takes it-
fine- but I usually offer

I hope tomorrow goes well

Please keep your finger crossed!!


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