Family History XIV

When i started Kindergarten in 1957,
the teacher noticed my speech was unintelligable
my co-ordination was “off’
and she wanted me out of the school
My Mom did not blink an eye
She knew I was never diagnosed
by my well known, well respected
pediatrician as having a handicap
His theory being- she bright;
if you bring her up normal;
she’ll have a normal life

After My Mom successfully
fought the Newark, NJ school board
and won after IQ tests were administered
to the Kindergarten class
I had to score fairly high
I was allowed to stay

When I graduated elementary school
I wrote the play (with other kids)
I also won an award for high adedemic aceivement
My Mom took it and took my hand
and we walked into the kindergarten room
after that we went
to the principal’s office
This woman looked like a witch
too much make-up, done badly
and her dress was too low,
too tight…and just….
plain ugly
The woman just asked
one question:
any more kids?

My Mom just smiled

She then told me
why I was allowed
to stay

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