Thursday Thoughts

Boring day

same old same old

Get up drink coffee

smoke a few drags-

put it out

My cigarettes are stong

When I’m done smoking

The filter is a series of black dots

I’ve seen other people do this;

I’ve never been able to smoke

under the tongue


Not to me

don’t have much

use for morning t


that fact usually drives me
to use the lovely
electronic device
to write down my ramblings
to save for posteriety?
It has come to my attention
that education these days
is somewhat lacking
on this “side of the pond”

I’m NO teacher, but I did
teach my kids to write a
intelligent sentance or 2
Her teacher said “spelling’s NOT important
every computer has ‘Spell check on it”?

You live by the sword,
you die by the sword

You have to learn the basics
rules of spelling

If it’s not taught in school
because the teacher is too young
She has always had a computer
at her disposal

Me? I grew up in the
dark ages
No computer-
a brain and a dictionary

It’s fuuny what I think about
when I’m alone
on a windy, cold
Thursday morning
in Febuary



  1. maryamchahine

    LOL! You might have grown up in the dark ages, but people used more of their brain back then, and yes the dictionary was a common thing.

  2. jser67

    You and me both. Spelling is NOT taught in most schools. Whatever was not taught in school; I TRIED to teach at kome. I checked homework AFTER it was done. When I grounded my kids- I made them read a book and write a report. You’d think it turned them into kids who viewed books as a punishment Just the opposite.
    I realize that teachers are underpaid and under appreciated; so early on. i just decided to “pick up the slack”…I tried my best

    The day we bought our first computer; the kids would nOT leave the house for fear they would lose their turn. Kids really do wwant to learn.

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