If You Knew

If you knew

what was going on You’d cry I do my crying in crying in private

The difference between youa nd I

is that I accept the things I cannot change

I am not Don Quiote I am NOT on a quest

I just don’t want things to blow up in my face

I live by “Murphey’s Law”

Everything that can go wrong Will go wrong

Problems get worse bedore they get better

I sit waiting for the other shoe to drop and it will

Thank G-d No-one ever told me that life was easy

Because it isn’t. That man on TV sounded like Mr Rogers on acid

Nothing is clear Everything lives in the “grey area”

I cannot say it enough I hear the Fates ….and they are laughing at me. What did I do? Not a blessed thing I live and let live I never intentionally hurt anyone

Can other people say the same

I can control only one person






  1. maryamchahine

    Very deep poem! This got me thinking about a lot of things. Love the line about Don and not being on a quest. Indeed, life is not easy. Many people in today’s world are not heeding this and raising children who don’t have the lessons or skills to face mistakes, problems and hurdles in their life. I think your parents raised you well because they taught you that valuable lesson, and my parents were the same. Once you understand that life is not easy, I think you can make it through fine.

  2. jser67

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Life, lately, is kind of like running an obstacle course over and over again, and of course, the obstacles are everchanging. I can sum this up with one word~ OY!

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