Family History XII

My Grandmother suffered from

post menopausal Diabetes

She was a heavy woman

who listened to only one

person- herself

While she checked

her sugar level every mourning

She developed Neuopathy

In fact, I (AGAIN) was the ONLY one

to know that

she developed sores

between her toes

G-d only knew how she could walk


By the time she saw a Dr

the sores were green (gangreen)

and her legs were amutated

shortly thereafter


THIS should have stopped her

NO- she STILL went to work.


My poor Dad with a bad back

carried her out of the house

She also had prosthetic legs,

more for vanity

She felt as long

as she could breathe

she would work


Shortly thereafter,

Dad hired a nurse

Grandma had to stay home

She now was staying in the dining room

I know she was sick

don’t know with what

My Grandmother was very smart-

the bread winner in the house


She was VERY unorganised

her personal drawers were a mess

she hid things


I know she did not love my Granddad

told me that all the time

“Never let a man

touch you”


Not even IF you get married

You need to keep your idenity

You are nothing without work


in  her eyes


I decided very early in life

not to work


Money can buy certain things

it cannot buy heath

and in the end

You cannot take it with you

I grew up in a house

where EVERYONE worked

They were not happy

unless they worked

I am a collosal disappointment

I have no ambition

My drawer are a mess,

just like hers

I really can’t think of one more similarit

Yes, just one-  got pregant out of Wedlock

But she did it at the beginning of Depression

Ok- here’s something I’ve thought about

How did they have money to start business

I DO remember talk of Grandpa Joe

sold something in “Black market”


could not have been legal

and I would place a sizable bet

that my Grandma pushed him

to do whatever he did

He adored her;

but he was weak-

emotionally- bi-polar


She had georgeous real jewelry

Grandpa was a loving person; but

no business man

He would run away

and go to Cuba


I will never know

not in this life


That business was

started by my Grandmother

She was the guts, the brains

the talent

She made dresses

her own designs

They were sold in NJ, NY,

Pa, Ohio, Illinois

probably other places also


I think that my Grandmother

was a Lesbian- no judgment

but she did not like men

Maybe because early in her life

men- namely her brothers

beat her up

She dressed too flamboyantly

for a “nice Jewish girl”


She made her clothes

and loved COLOR


I loved my Grandmother

but I was terrified by her

I was my father’s daughter

I looked like him

She loved my Dad

My sister ignored her

It was mutual


She had high hopes

for me

She did not  live

to see me grown

and did not seem to

notice my obvious handicap

My speech was THAT bad

but my Grandmother spoke

broken English- She was

illerate-but very bright

She arrrived in NY

She was a teenager

Did not have the luxery

of school

In Prussia

females did not go to





When she got here
got a job

I had seen her
on the way to school
that morning
she was alive
She waited
for her eldest child
to arrive at the hospital
She did not like her daughter
My Aunt was not a nice person
Jealous of anyone her mother loved
She was the reason my Grandmother
married Joe
…and knowing my grandmother
She probably blamed her every day
My Aunt never loved me
I did not care
I did not love her
When my Aunts and Dad
arrived at the hospital
that last morning;
My Grandmother told
my other Aunt and my Dad
to leave the room
She needed to talk
to Ester
My other Aunt and Dad
came back not 15 minutes
later- my Grandmother
had died

…and so it goes

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