Shut Out

The came a few hours ago
‘I’m in trouble”
She started
I can usually gauge by the
sound of her voice
It all boils down to this
I can’t
I won’t
“I NEED to call somebody else”
…and she did

I cannot tell you
the rest of the story

It has not happened

I can only pray

I did not sleep well
last night
I’m tired
I’m stressed
and I feel
like I let her

Love has to be tough
I’m not sure I did
the right thing
but this situation
has to end

I sit here
waiting for
the other shoe
to drop

and I’m sure
it will

but the question
still remains

will she call me?

or will she shut me out
once again?


  1. maryamchahine

    It is hard giving tough love to those we love, but if we do otherwise, sometimes it is very damaging and ultimately harms the person we are trying to help. The person may not realize it now, but later on they might that it was for the best.

    • jser67

      Tough love is….tough. I have finally decided not to “cave in”. I have resolved not to enable. Much easier said than done. In any situation, a person has to want to get better; to change.

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