Family History X

My Mom was born in Queens, NY
her parents were Louis and Betty

She was their first child
And the 2 had arguement her name
Betty was to name her daughter Shirley
Louis wanted “Seena”
Betty won that arguement
My mother lost her mother
when she was barely 7
To make things worse,
my Grandmother had cancer
and was basically in the hospital
the last year of her life
Betty and Louis had another child
a boy- If my Mom knew his name,
she did not tell me
He had died shortly after
he was born
All my Mom ever said
about him
was that:
“He was not right”
Ta Sacks?
Don’t know

Betty got caner
shortly thereafter

Louis drove a cab
After Betty died,
he opened a Candy/Variety store
and drove a cab
a few nights a week
I don’t know
the circumstances,
but he passed when
my Mom was 14

She went to live
with am Aunt
and her family
My Aunt died within
a year

My Mom went to
her Aunt Gus
about the time
she met my Dad

My Mom wanted
to go to College
My Aunt would not help
She had a great deal
of money

My Mom married
my Dad over
the objections
of her cruel Aunt Gus
My Mom went to live
with Becky and Joe

My Dad, Seymour
went off to war
after marrying my Mom
2 days before

….and so it goes


  1. maryamchahine

    Your mother faced a lot of people dying in her life, most importantly her parents when she was young. I’m sure it must have been very hard for her growing up. Seeing someone close to you die can have an enormous impact on you. I began writing poems after the death of my grandmother, and I think that even after all these years I’m still writing poems to understand her death.

    • jser67

      WE called my Mom the ROCK. She was the strongest person in my life. I know I get my ability to write becaise she encouraged me. Even after she realized I was handicapped. she refused to raise me as anything but normal. I realized nt inadaquacies early on, but played her game. When it all came out, I just looked at her and asked “WHY”. All she said was “Look, you do what you have to do and never look back”. I never blamed her. I could not hurt her and besides I knew her complaints during her pregnany went unheard. My Mom did nothing wrong. I miss her everyday, but I feel she is still with me. I had to sew something yesterday. I do not have the co-ordination tto sew- but my Mom taught me to- so I made myself do it. THanks for your kind commemts

      • maryamchahine

        She sounded like a great mom! I can tell you had a special relationship with her. It was very beautiful to read what you had to say about her.

  2. jser67

    She went through so much. One very incredible woman who deserved more than she ever got, Writing about her life is my way of paying her back. I just hope she I’m half as strong as her. How she never wound up in therapy is unfathomable to me. Thank You again

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