Family History IX

Dad brought my Mother
to meet my Grandmother
She actually liked her
My Mother was smart
something she did not see
in her own daughters

Ny father was the first
in a family of immagrants
to go to college
Some aptitude test said he was supposed
to become a Dr.

He hated the program
and transferred promptly
to a sister college
UNC Raliegh- called NC State
He joined the army
He had 1/2 a semester
to go; WWII is raging
…and word on the street is
that Jewish boys
are BUYING their way
out of army
My Dad has to
prove Hitler wrong;
he enlists
My Mom flips
but sees his point
She is 18
He reasons
that if he leaves
what happens
to his love?
She’s in NY
He decides
to marry her
therefore she will
come live in NJ
with my Grandmother
and Granddad
but he is in army
and is shipping out
It is Friday…
…he’s going
“Over there”
on Monday
OK- Ma-ma-
I’m getting married
make her a dress
invite my cousins
I’m getting married
whether you like it or not

Call the Rabbi

….and it was

…and so it goes


    • jser67

      My father would not share anything about the war (except that his American cigarettes were more valuable than money) My Mom told me it had changed him. I remember him telling a boyfriend to avoid Vietnam at all costs. He said that WWII was a war he HAD to fight as a Jew; but Vietnam was not a just war. He; was a very smart, complex person who never stopped fighting for human rights, but had his share of problems. A Great guy. I miss him so much.

  1. maryamchahine

    I’ve heard about people who are unable to speak about some experiences because it is too painful. It was the same with my own grandfather and his experience of losing his mother in a house fire. He would never speak about it and my mom only found out through my grandmother.

    • jser67

      War changes people. My Dad came home an alcoholic~ my Mom threatened him with divorce. They had a wonderful marriage. I’m sure they had their differences, but in the young years; they made it a policy not to argue in front of my sister and I.

      • maryamchahine

        That was a very good policy! I wish more parents did that. Seeing parents argue is very heartbreaking for children.

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