Family History VIII

My Father met my Mother
on a blind date
He was heavy
but he was good looking, bright
and funny
he was a teenager; not sure how old
He travelled in from NJ to her home
in NY- Queens (Flushing)

I tend to doubt
that he drove in
My Grandparents
hated the thought of my Dad
driving in the city
I’m quite sure my Grandmother
was peering out the window
until he got home

He continued to see her
She was pretty, good figure,
smart; and Jewish
YES, it did matter
(if not to Becky~
than to Joe)

This was the start
of a relationship
that would last
through: High School;
college (in NC),
WWII, alcoholicism;
drug use- depression
A very special.
very deep~
very true love
and to quote McCartney/Lennon
“A love that should have lasted years”
It did
It lasted
a lifetime

….and so it goes



  1. maryamchahine

    This is a special poem because it shows real life love. A relationship that lasted despite it all. Thanks for sharing. It keeps up hope!

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