Agorophobia Revisited

I don’t like my house

It’s too small,

I’m alone

for the most part

I could give you

a lot if reasons

NOT to be there

I can only give

you one reason

to be there

I live there

I went out today

I went to therapy

and on the way home

I stopped at Walmart

I don’t drive

(not medically advised)

I take a bus

The bus driver

likes to stop off

at Walmart

I don’t mind

I need a few things

The driver said to be ready

to go home in 45 minutes

Sometimes 45 minutes

goes by in the blink

of an eye

Not today

I was done shopping in 15 minutes

I wanted to go home

I do not want

to get the bus driver


I was thirsty

Had a drink


Went out

for a few puffs

of a cigarette

No bus driver

We had agreed

on 45 minutes

I get nervous.

He had dropped

me off at the door

Now there is a rule

I can only have

four bags

on the bus





I never ask for help

The driver insists

on helping

I had 5 bags

She said something

I apologized

I was not sorry

I needed almost EVERYTHING

I bought

One of the reasons

I don’t like being

at Walmart

too long

I spend too much

It’s amazing

I don’t get out

that much

I think

The more I go out;

the better

Behaviour theraoy

I believe in it

I survived

I kept telling myself

“Never again”

I absolutely will

go again

Next week…

Same time,

Same place

30 miutes?


I don’t have a choice

I’m not the driver

I can dream;

can’t I?


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