Family History VII

Writing all down
I have questions
I never asked
but even when I was little
I wanted to know
My Grandmother
had a father
a few (nameless brothers)
and a sister (Rose)
Who was her mother?
Was she alive
when my grandmother
left Prussia?

IF I asked
I didn’t get an answer

No names
When my Grandmother
did not want to talk
she simply didn’t

Another issue:
Where did she and her sister
get the money to leave?

As a grown up
I know it does not
grow on trees
She just acted
like it did
I wish I had
one more day
just one more
morning with her

But then again
like I said
When she did not
want to talk;
she didn’t

I could take
“poetic liscense
and make it up;

fill in the holes
strangely enough~
I’d like the truth
Even if it wasn’t pretty

So much of this story
is anything but pretty

Every family
has it quirks
and mine…

I really could
write a book

The more I write,
the more I want
to know
and NEVER will

…and so it goes



  1. maryamchahine

    Your poem reminded me of my own grandmother. My grandmother didn’t speak about her past much either. Many in the family said she took her secrets with her to her grave. I wish I could have known more, too!

  2. jser67

    IF I really sit down and try to figure out where the money came from, I’d go nuts. All I pieced together is that my Grandad was selling something on the black market (illegal). He was not a “worker. Hed was mentally ill all his adult life. My Grandmother NEVER talked about her Mom. Yes, they had secrets- and they did not dare tell me where the money came from. IF I had ALL the info; it would make a hell of a interesting read.

    My sister is oblious to all of this. It would all be new to her. Maybe she’s luckier. I’ve now opened too many doors and each time I close one; a new one opens with more questions- a vicious cycle. Thanks for reading.

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