Family History VI

With 3 children growing
and one by one marrying
The Matriarch who did not
really raise her children
now balks at thed idea
of losing them
She buys the house next to hers
and offers it to her 2 older daughters,
their husband are offered jobs
at her dress manufacturer
They take the deal
It is, after all, the GREAR DEPRESSION
Becky is not stupid
She wants her children near
so she provides
In a sense; she buys
their love
The young woman want love
from a disapproving mother
They marry because Becky says
school is not necarssary
for a woman in the 1920’s
My Aunt wanted to be a teacher
Ma-Ma said “No”
No money
My disappointed Aunt
worked at the factory
and became pregnant
In a family of mostly girls;
my “dumb” Aunt FINALLY
pleased my Grandmother
She gave birth to a boy-
a premmie-but Fate was on
my Aunt’s side; thank G-d;
the male child was to live
He ran the family from the first
got away with all his pranks

Let me say this
My Aunt- I loved her
very much- IF she was
guilty of any “crime”;
it was loving her son too much
Dumb? NO.
No-one in this family lacked brains
but woman were useless.
They had children and unlike
“Ma-Ma”; they actually stayed home
to care for their babies
but to Becky; her daughters
lacked ambition

I come from a very long line
of workaholics….
only I would break that chain
but remember….

I’m not born yet

I can only write what
I was told
My Grandmother
would tell me stories
each morning
and it’s amazing
what I remember
I was told these
stories nearly half
a century ago

…and so it goes

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