Family History~IV

My Grandmother was not
demonstrative- to put it nicely
She was downright cold
She did not take well to Motherhood;
and to make matters worse:
The child was female
A boy is of some matter
A female? Stupid
Of no value
She’s now stuck in NJ
with Joe
She hires
someone to clean
the house
and Joe’s cousin
comes to live
and raise Ester
because my grandmother
is back at work
before her breasts
dry up
Joe is now
“on the road”
selling my Grandmother’s
bridal gowns
Becky does not want Joe
She is in a loveless
marriage and She will
not let Joe touch her
Pregnancy must be averted
Joe must be kept
on the road
When he’s home
he wants his wife
to be…a wife
My Grandmother
wants to work
and go home
Joe wants to go and do
Becky wants to stay home
at night
It does not bother her
that the child calls
my live-in cousin “Ma-Ma”

Yet,in her own inept way
she thinks she is a good mother
She is home at night
while others are out
She does not go
to the moovies;
out to eat;
the opera, etc

My grandmother had been
abused as a child
She trusts no-one

The Business is doing well
It is Becky’s success
Joe now has a mistress:

Anna~a Jewish woman
I never found out
her story
(I would love to)
is Joe’s mistress
Becky hand picked her

I met her in the 60’s
She walked into
my Mom’s business
She is old
My Aunt makes her distain
visable to me

My Mom tries to calm my Aunt
but my Aunt just cannot face
the reality
that my Grandmother
had faults

I knew it as a kid
and I am now face to face
with “Pa-Pa” Joe’s other woman
I am a teenager
I am….
I am in AWE?

This woman is part
of my family
and soo it goes


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