Family History III

So it would be
Joe would marry a pregnant
Rebecca- and they would move
from NY to Newark, NJ
where Joe’s sister lived
They started a dress manufacturing
Business- my Grandmother was not only
the brains, but she was a designer
and was a “crackerjack” steamstress
EVERYTHING that left that small “shop”
had to pass her unforgiving eyes

Joe was the salesman
But he was weak
A very good, loving man
who had problems=
he was bi-polar
and had a roving eye
His wife sinply did not care
I was always told
….and it was true
no secret~ he loved his wife,
but she was cold and unyeiling
Sex was ONLY for procreation
So…in the early 1920’s
Becky told Joe
to get a mistress

…and he did

….he had NO choice
His wife had already
arranged for a friend of hers
to be at her husband’s
beck and call
…I’m not a judge
I’m just writing
the story
I grew up hearing

It’s sounds unreal
but to the best of my knowledge;
it’s true

I grew up in my Grandmother’s house
….this is HER part of the story

Weird- but as I write this
I can picture my Grandmother
talking to me; as she did each

A very strong woman
To this day; I still
think that she truely
only loved 2 people;
my Dad and my male cousin

I think she only had feelings
for me because of 2 facts;
I was my father’s daughter
and she had saved my Mom’s
life 4 days prior to my

I loved her, with caution
but she picked me
to tell her stories

Well- I was the ONLY one up

….and so it goes



  1. maryamchahine

    Your grandmother had a very interesting life. It sounds like she didn’t follow the flow of everyone else at all. It’s wonderful that she decided to share her stories with you although you were the only one up to hear them. And now here you are sharing it with the rest of us : )

  2. jser67

    My Grandmother was….quite a person- a lot of people thought she was out of her mind; but She knew what she wanted and in the end she got it. My sister and cousins did not know any of this. Even as a kid I knew to just absorb it – to tell the truth; I did not who lnew what. The ONLY reason I know so much was because I always got up early and my Grandmother had a captive audience in me.

    Maybe she thought she needed to “vent”- I was just a little kid- what did I know about sex/ being frigid/Mistresses?

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