It’s Friday- I am going to therapy-

It’s pouring out

I will go anyway

even though I hate the rain

Cold, windy, dreary

This dampness

is killing me

I try hard not to complain

The pain I can tolerate;

the discomfort is unnyeilding

The whole weekend ahead

is now almost done

He went to the market

last night

I was not suprised

It took him

practically no time

at all

The store;

generally crowded

was pretty empty

last night

Saturday night

is not a usual

market night

I did not mind

I needed things

I plan to cook

I’m tired

of living on

frozen meals

I really can cook

I’m bored to tears

I need to do things

I can do

to lighten the load

from him

When it comes

down to the

I will rise occasion

I can do more

than I usually do

I am capable

I know I can take care

of myself

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