Family History Lesson~ Part I

I went to my therapist yesterday

I know where I come from;

what my family was

all about

yet she says

I need to look

at the pictures

and be able

to ralk a bit

about each  picture

Every family functions

in their own way



I come from a long line

of workaholics

I broke the chain

I worked very briefly

In 1976; I applied

and got Social Sercurity Disability

I had just enough paid in

to qualify

When I received

the award letter;

I thought I had won

the lottery

In a way I had

Well- everyone who knew

me well

said the same thing

I had the attitude

from hell

I believed that

my body had betrayed me

but more than than

Yes, I was physically handicapped

though I never wanted any pity

I also had emotional problems

No, I was not crazy

I was a “garden variety”



the icing on the cake


I was a Agrophobic

OK- back to my family

I cannot find the pictures

so, I’ve decided to

write it down


My Grandmother

was born in an area

referred to as “Prussia”

It was Russia-

a lot of Jewish people

lived there

My Grandmother

was a rebel

She did not want to

be married off

She told me that

her Father and brothers

were religious fanatics

They beat her and her sister

So; one night- both young woman

took off

Their ultimate destination

was America

They got as far as France

had an arguement

(they were BOTH

very opinionated)

and they parted ways

in France

My Grandmother

got on the ship

for America

leaving her sister

in France….

….and so the journey

really begins





  1. jser67

    She was the ultimate Jewish Martriarch- far ahead of her time. I grew up listening to her stories. A fascinating complex person. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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