Don’t Judge Me- A Reality Check

I am what I am
I do what I do
I am who I am
I have a condition;
not an illness

Stop Staring at me
just stay away
It might just be
maybe it’s not
Like me…
it is what it is
and it does what
it does…to me

IF you are brave enough
to ask?

Because I will tell you
I will try to explain
just aware
my speech is lousy
…and even though…
I have this
“off the wall”
I have decided
It does not have me

I look “handicapped”?
Nope- I’m not
If I were TRUELY
I’d be home
unable to get out of bed

I am unique
Normal is just a
mind set
In my eyes
I’m a lot better
than I was
….and I’ll be damned
if I ever go back
Not in this lifetime

You think you’re

It’s called
…and if you
want to avoid
getting it
go home
and “Google”

You’ve neve seen it before
I shouldn; be out?

My money is as green as yours
and when you go where you go
to talk to G-d
tell him I said “hi”

and pray
you never get this
I don’t think
you’re open-minded
to handle this

There are rules;
you know….



  1. maryamchahine

    I never heard of dystonia before. Thanks for educating me today. I researched it on Wikipedia. You have a positive attitude and that’s as it should be. All of us are different and unique in different ways. We are given challenges to make us grow stronger. You are brave and courageous in my eyes for facing this honestly. Keep going because it does not have you!

  2. jser67

    I wish everyone was like you. I hate the stares I get when I go out. I made a decision a while back~ either stay in and avoid the stares or go out, try to hold my head up (literally). I must go out. I refuse to be a shut in because I look different.

  3. maryamchahine

    I can relate to a lot of what you feel, but my experience stems from wearing a scarf. The stares I received for wearing a piece of material over my hair was amazing. It’s as if I walked off another planet. So I can understand a little of what you feel, although you probably have it a lot worse. Now I’m living in Jordan so I don’t have to face that anymore. Keep going and don’t let other people define you.

  4. jser67

    I just wish parents would teach their children early not to judge people. I taught my kids. Now, at that time I did not yet have Dystonia; I just had a “mild case” of CP. My kids must have went through hell in school- G-d bless them~ they hardly complained; but I know they had to “stand up’ fo me.kid are cuel…. but grown people are sometimes even worse. I’m sorry, but I get a little nuts on this topic.

    I know you can relate- As Kermit (the frog) would sing: “It’s not easy being green”

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