Wednesday’s Phone Calls

I really wanted
to go today
I should have
…and in the end…
I could have
but I did not
I NEEDED to make
important phone calls
I don’t know
If I am perfectly honest

I am ALWAYS torn
To me; shopping
is therapy
and that’s where
I say I’m going
…and the bags….?
Well; on the way home
the bus driver
(not me)
NEEDS to stop
at Walmart

I started making the phone calls
early- the Doctor
G-d bless her
was true to her word
Walgreen’s has just lost
a customer- me
I am tired of fighting
them for medication
that is perscribed to me
The Pharacist said I was
taking too many
READ the label-
it clearly says:
4 (FOUR) a day
Now , ask me
how many I take
per day…

per day
I have speech problems
a funny thing happens under stress
I lose my voice
It is NOW after Dr’s hours.
so I leave a message
My Doctor is very nice
EVERY doctor in that practice
is nice
I do not like most doctors
but I like them
They are about 30 miles
It’s well worth the trip
She called me about 7pm
I tried to explain
the problem

NO voice!!!
Lucky me- my ex
was here
and handed him the phone
He told her
She said that
she would take care
of my problem

amazingly enough
she DID

I truely believe
that not all doctors
would do this

I did not go
shopping this morning
I will go next week

to call Social Services

Sometimes, you have to do
what you have to do….


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