Brain Freeze

A few years
before I got help
for my ohysical condition
I had what I now call
… A brain Freeze….
I was miserable
I knew I was in
a bad way

I blame no-one
but myself

I simply gave up
on me

At that time,
my daughter had
moved back home

After she moved
I changed
almost overnight
I was brought back
to life
by a wonderful dr

I grew up
that were habits
had to be elimated

No doubt
some of my behaviour
was bizarre

So I did a “U”
I’m not proud
of my time spent
into a little

So, I changed
I believed in me

I am stronger
than I thought

I just said to myself
“you are more than
your illness”
Yes, I need help on a few things
but I have my mind again

“You cannot
pick yor relatives;
but you can certainly
pick your friends”

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