Wednesday Thoughts

I had to go the Doctor today

The driver seemed nice enough

at first

He apparently had seen my dog outside and asked me about her.
I love my dog,but she is very old and very nasty.
I am afraid of her.
I am a good pet owner, but I do not get too close.
I LOVE her. I do not like her.
This seemed to bother him and he totally shut down-
in fact, he became nasty. He dropped something. I went to pick it up.

He gave me a ‘”look”. I backed off.
I hope I NEVER get him again-
clearly; I offended him.
I had my medication

in the car

I had brought

no drink along

I quite literally


chocked down

4 pills


What a Vile taste

I saw he had a soda

on his side of the car

and asked

“Could I take a sip”

“No” I sat there

and thought

How petty can you be?

I did not ask


The woman

in the back of

the car was having

a hissy fit

It was only


She need to get to Philadelphia

She had plenty of time

from my vantage point

After the now CRUEL

driver left me at my Doctor;

she would be in the car another

half hour at the most

G-d; how I hoped

not only would this

inconsiderate man

have to take her home

I secretly  hope

that when she goes

to Philadephia next week

HE gets her AGAIN

HA! Talk about

poetic justice?

I was staring in the face

This stupid refused

a chocking woman one little sip

He would NEVER know

That “NO” of his

had just cost him

a nice little tip

from  me


I can only hope my

wish comes true

The guy who drove me home

should only tell my earlier driver

I doubled his tip

I despise stupidity,

but being petty along

with it

too much

for me

to comprehend

on a warm Wednesday

in late January in 2013


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