The Cure For The Common Cold

a common cold

in a while

for along time

I have not fallen ill

I don’t get flu shot

can’t take the horrid


I am growing older

yet except for a perpetual


I remain well

I can only come

to one conclution

I have had Botox

and for some

very strange reason

I have had no

common illnesses

I don’t take vitamans

I drink a quart

of coffee


I do simple

Yoga and Tai Chi

I do not invite illnesses

yet I don’t avoid it either

I remain suprisingly



Maybe some day

some scientist

will agree with me

That would be the

epitome of irony

IF some big shot


is called

to the podium

to accept a prize

for a cure for

the common cold

Did I hear correctly?




I said that

back in 2013….





  1. maryamchahine

    Stress plays a big part in illnesses. Perhaps you are able to control the stresses in your life very well.

  2. jser67

    I’m VERY stressed, yet I remain well. I think I remain well is because I need to accomplish more things. I do not get sick. I had botox for Medical (physical) reasons about 6 years ago. I do not “do” sick well. I refuse to give in and just lay down. I simply refuse to give in.

    I asked my pain Dr about going for another round of shots. When the shots work- it’s great. When it does not wsork- it’s just a waste of time. My insurance Co. does not like paying for it. The last time; I had 4 vials (200 mg). The Dr only used 3 vials. I asked him if he’s do my wrinkles- he laughed, but said “No”. About a week later; I determined that the shots were extraneous. I called the Dr and told him to just use the extra vial on someone who clearly needed it; but could not afford it.

    That was my “random act of kindness”. Each vial costs $500 retail, so someone got a nice annonymus gift.

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