I go to the dr tomorrow- I’d rather go shopping (my husband THINKS I go to therapy every Wednesday- I DO- I go shopping- same thing to me). I don’t drive. I go by bus. The thing is it’s SUPPOSED to be nice tomorrow.

He also does not know that I walk home sometimes. I’ll stop to go to the bathroom; but I enjoy walking. G-d knows I do precious little in this house.

I have “problems”. I have 3 kids- I think I’m a good person, but my kids don’t call. I miss them a lot and spend a lot of time crying. I’m sure they would not believe it.

I grew up in the 60’s. My clothes- I’ve been told I’m NOT a real size, so I buy kids clothes- love mini dresses in the summertime. I’m a clothes horse. There are only 7 days in a week….

I try to wear only one outfit a day.

I have a very old dog- a huskey- don’t mess with her= she bites. I do love her.

Religion- again- I’m an Agnostic- raised Hewish, but I believe that Fate drives my decision making process.

My youngest is an Athiest and my older one I call a “born again Jew”. She’s whatever relion her lover is.

There are A lot of surreal stuff that goes on, but I don’t think anyone would believe me. I’m going to run it by my shrink.I’m going on Friday- for real- maybe I’ll ask the driver to let me off at Walmart (Don’t drive- weird neuro condition)

I just need to get out of here. My (ex)? husband and I keep opposite hours. I love him, but we’re just….different.

My joke is I could disappear for a week and he would not notice.

It’s kinda like Ray Barone and Marie- “Everyone loves Raymond”

He knows there’s some thing wrong- been crying alot.

My daughter told me I cannot call her anymore. THAT hurt

Don’t know why; but I haven’t talked to her in about a week and Its making me crazy.. I just want to hear her voice.

I gotta wait. I don’t know what I’d say IF she hollered at me.
I’ve about had IT with all 3….


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