<strongI swear
all I want
is to be treated
I want to buy
a Valentines Day gift
for a friend
The ONLY store
that has it
is Target
and they won't
let me purchase
it online
I don't drive
I have Dystonia
a rare Neurological
It affects my neck
My Dr will let me drive
I called Target
I know it must
sound ridiculous
but to me;
it is just
another slap
in the face
"You are not
wanted here"
My money is not
as good as yours?

I had my credit card
in hand
but the guy said

I want
what I want
Is that a crime?

Or is my crime
being handicapped
PLEASE be clear

For the LAST time
I'm handicapped-
not stupid
IF I could drive
I would

It's on the way
to my Doctor's
I'll ride right by
the store tomorrow

The person driving me to the Doctor
is NOT allowed to stop there

It is the perfect gift

I will NEVER shop there


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