Choosing A Name

When I got pregnant

I need to name the child after

my Mother’s Mother
I’m a firm believer that
that you don’t name after
the living
and my Grandmothers
had the same names
By the time
I was pregnant
both Grandmothers
had passed

Her name was Rebecca

but people called her


I find it rather curious

that I refer to my Grandmother

as my Mother’s Mother

because She is only

a picture to me

She died a long time ago

She died when my Mom

was only 7

My Mom

never really knew

her mother


I have “theories”

about things

When naming my children

I shouted the name

out of a window

If it sounded ok

that was to be

the name



  1. maryamchahine

    A very serious poem especially in the beginning, and then it made me smile at the end : )

    Thanks so much for your beautiful comments on my work! They serve as a wonderful inspiration.

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