Let Me Be

….Let me be who I am


Let me do


…what I do


…now exiled


No-one can silence me


I’ll go into hiding


and if you


find me-


it is because


you want to do


what you do best


bully me


You don’t know


the situation


I have 3 kids


Did I write








…or a




Did you ever stop


to think


about MY feelings


I know~


I did you wrong


all those years ago


I don’t know


who you are


I don’t stand and judge you


Your nose does not belong


in my business


So….IF you chose to


read it; I will know


that you went


to a lot of trouble


to find me


AGAIN- you


do not like the




do not read it.




don’t write me


another email


Is your conscience clear?


What is that old saying


People in glass houses


should not throw stones”


Be happy


you succeeded


it’s off












….a new…









    • jser67

      My life is filled with stress. I find solice in writing. My writing is my voice. I probably write better and more because I feel alone. All I really want is peace.If I communicated that concept in this poem- I’m pleased- Thank you. Your feedback is important to me.

  1. jser67

    I’m home most of the time- writing is venting to me. I can also look at it and if I’m lucky; maybe I can find solution- it does calm me down. Thank you for the feedback!

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