No-One Knows

No-one knows I write here
I would like to keep it that way
To me; my writing is my way
of venting
What I cannot say;
I write
Whenever my family
“finds” me
I have to mince words
I am no longer free

I am my own worse critic
I am STILL trying
to figure out
who I am
Right now
I am so down
My life
is a mystery
I truely believe
that fate drives
and at the moment
I am at a crossroads
I don’t quite know
where I’m headed
I know I want to
find some peace

….please somebody
tell me when I made
that one mistake
that dragged me down

I cannot deal with
all the stress

make Fate be kinder
to me

I really don’t care
who reads this
it’s pretty benign

But I’ve realized
one thing over the years:
Once I write something down
I cannot ever take it back

Yes; I can hit “delete”
but I cannot take it back.

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