Thurday’s Worries

I went to see Tina today

I like going there

I just wish

I could drive


It DID bother me

that my youngest kid

no longer wants me to call


For whatever reason

I was instructed

NOT to call



All of a sudden

the sound of his voice

is making me nuts


I blame him

for not taking her back


It’s been over a year

since I have seen her

I never forgave him

I know now

This relationship

is hopless

I just have no place to go


I’d be out of here

in one heartbeat


Back to her

I made the (apparently

fatal mistake)

I called her

She wanted

something at Walmart

…and I was going


Her Boyfriend’s Mom

went ballastic


Have idea WHY


What happen’s in an emergency?


There is no cell


I’d have to call the police

in her city?

Either that-

or call one of my

other kids

OMG- I forgot

Another pair I cannot call


She called me last night

extremely stressed

I guess she felt bad

After her “rant”

I just told her

I understood


But I don’t


I speak to no-one

I have a therapist

I went today


Although I have a ton

on my plate-

I chose the situation

with my daughter (s)

How I calmly told her

my situation is totally beond me

I’m sitting her crying


I know she needs me

I can’t be with her










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