Batting ZERO


My youngest kid just called

I was supposed to get

het child something

at Walmart

I committed

what apparently

is a fatal


I called her

and (O MY G-D)

left a message

She lives with

her Boyfriend’s Mom

They have been arguing

off and on

She just called

and told me

not to call

This is after

she told me

I was free to call.

Don’t know what going on

One more kid….

I’m batting ZERO

No-one wants

to talk

to me


I was going to use

my gift cards to get her kid

a toy

IF I cannot call;

Why should I do it?

Let her Boyfriend’s Mom

use her money

I’m tired of giving

The Christmas gifts

are put away

I’ll give them to kids

who have nothing

My kids cannot be bothered

to come here

to call

I get no email

I’m devestated


What the hell did I do this time?

Yes, I love them

No, I will not be stepped on

I’ve had it

From now on;

She can call me

or there will be no communicatiom

I HATE to say it

it’s a bitter pill

but somehow I live

as long as I know

she’s safe



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