The Land Of Stupid

I am not young any more

In fact, I avod mirrors lately

but over the years I have come

to believe that most males

eventually end up

in pergatory

a place  all their own

I’ve named it

“The Land Of Stupid”

If you are not married

and you are over 30

Your Mom and Dad

now believe that

you should settle down

Either you are Gay

Don’t get me wrong

I am not prejudiced

Live and let live

When a friend of mine turned 30

and was not married

EVERYONE thought

he was gay

Truth was he was very busy

with more than one woman

He was a male whore

but he was stupid

he was forever

“in love”

“Always a bridesmaid

NEVER a bride”

His problem was simple

He was having

too much fun


He was watching

his friends marry

have kids,

work hard

come home

to a woman

who put on

a few pounds?

TRY 50!!

Of course he

was flirting


he was like a kid

in a candy store

Someone forgot

to tell him

to keep his hands off

the merchandise

No man

I’ve ever known

is unable to break up

with a woman

He just stops calling

or- you get a call

from his wife

who is overweight-

she weighs 95 lbs

soaking wet

and of course

“she just doesn’t understand”

She finds out

because basically she’s known

BEFORE you even touched her

She knows deep dowm

she could not stop you

So one day

she had ENOUGH

she goes hunting

and finds it in 5 minutes


Your youngest kid is involved

She met her

and HATES her

and wants her DEAD

So…you throw the SHIT out

He returns one month later

NO wiser


but HELL

YOU won

10 years later


Your nest

is totally empty

the kids are not talking

to you, him, or each other

Thank G-d they are woman

 2 out 3

never got married

the oldest is ALWAYS married

The kids- you love them

but because of Mr STUPID

they all screwed up

He blames you

You were home


He wasn’t

He was with her!

She left the house

before HER

Youre sitting there


one day

you look her up

Now mind you

Wife is still 95 lbs


no self estem

…..and you type her name

in that little search box


…..and there SHE us….


He’s not only STUPID

He has bad taste

you sit there


…..and do the ONLY thing

you can do












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