Sunday 1.20.2013

I went to Walmart

bright and early this morning

exchanged a sweat shirt

that I bought last Wednesday

I had bought a top so large

My kids and I


have worn it


But I managed

to find one

in my size

I’ll probably wear it later

this week

not sure

It’s supposed to be

COLD out

this week

I was running low

on jeans

so I got home

and did the laundry

I do not think I had done

it in about a week

IF it was up to me;

I would do wash

every other day;

just to give me


to do

Bordom is my present

state of mind

I now find

the older I get

the more i want out

of this house

Dystonia has done

a few good things

for me

I’ve become



as well as physically

I am less of an agoraphobic

than I used to be

I have met people on the internet

who I’ve become close to

I’ve become a better writer

I do not like tc

so I write

(and it is one skill


can ever take away from me

These are my words

I miss driving

but the bus

really is ok

While I can get out

I am limited

as to where

I go

I want so desperately

to see my


but I can

only go to places

the bus goes


I will call

and see where else

I can go

It would be lovely

to be able

to go to new places

I won’t

know until

I ask…




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