It’s been months

since I heard

anything at all

from my kids

I must admit

I miss them  terribly


I’m STILL very hurt

by your lack

of communication

when I needed you


I listened for years

to all your sob stories

When did you stop caring?

I refuse to beg

for your attention

but how would you feel

if you going in for major surgery

and your kids

did not call?

I have tried

my best

to stay out

of your private life

I did not “lay guilt”

I buried my hurt

I stuck up for you

Three months

have gone by

I have on

a few occasions

Reached out

and have gotten

no response

Just remember


I can honestly say

I did the best I could

with what I had

No one teaches you

how to be a mother

you learn on the go

My heart has been

broken so many times

It’s miraculous

that I am still alive

The wounds

are so deep

and someday

you will unfortunately

know exactly how

I feel

Children learn by example

…and you have taught

them well





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