Me, My Parents, and my kids

need to learn

to be completely

comfortable with only me

I have come a long way

I am not that emotionally needy

young woman

I used to be

I’m strong

While there are times

I may desire

some company

I have found

more and more

I am able to

be alone

I am very picky

about making friends

I have to be able

to trust

that their hearts

are pure

and want

nothing more

than to just

sit here

and not invade

my space

I refuse

to be used

If you want


from me

you cannot

be with me

I never

got to know me

Like a lot

of woman

I went

from living

with my parents

to marriage

I STILL lived

in their house

until I was


with my first child

I moved across

the street

After my second

child was born

I moved again

and then

another move

three states away

I had to stand on my

own two feet

I was in my

mid 20’s but



I had 2 kids

and had no clue

as to who I was

My kid was giving

me a fit over

going to preschool

but I sent her

I had to

assert myself

Everytime I called

my Mom, she acted like

I was bothering her

I think my Dad

was not happy

about losing me

and the kids

while he was

a great Dad

he was not


When the kids were born

he was a different man

He REFUSED to hold them


that they were


(No bris)

About a year later

we moved once more

into a house

My parents moved


They now were about

a mile away

My Dad had won

that argument

Believe it or not

I was NOT happy




One comment

  1. maryamchahine

    Life is filled with challenges! We go through trials and tribulations in order to find ourselves. I’m still trying to find myself.

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