Someone once told me

BEFORE this sleepy resort town

had one

That “Walmart” was like

a computer virus

Every town would

eventually have one


The next year

a Walmart cropped

up across the street


After going there

once or twice

I was NOT thrilled

Did not particularly like

like the store


Little by little,

I began buying things

Now, I LOVE clothes

would rather buy

clothes than

anything else

LOVE sales; love bargains

Even if I won the

NJ Lottery today

I would call a chauffeur

and go

….. to outlet stores

in Atlantic City


I buy ….




I’m VERY picky

about clothes


Line for line

a lot of the clothes

I buy at Walmart

is sold for appreciatively more

in other stores


Is there a stigma

about buying clothes

in Walmart?


I don’t drive

I can go to Walmart,

Kmart, JcPenny,

Ross, or Pebbles


Out of the stores


I buy the bulk

of new clothes

in Walmart




Let me go hide!!


The former JAP


buys clothes

at Walmart!!!!!

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