An A-Typical Typical Dystonic

I am unique

I am an atypical person

living in a very typical world

I have no idea

what NORMAL is

I’ve never been there

I have Dystonia

A semi-rare Neurologic condition

In the Dystonic world

my symtoms are very typical

But few doctors even know

what Dystonia

looks like

Let me enlighten you<

I have muscle spasms

I don't think it is possible

to fake a spasm

I have been accused

of faking spasms

WHY would I?

I HATE attention

for being different

I would like nothing

better than to fit in

It is not fun

being pulled out

of class

to get Speech Therapy


it is necessary

so I did it

for years



they decided

I was not going

to improve

I will be



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