Gift Card

I still want

to go out

which, for me

is out of character


I usually don’t

really mind staying home


But I have a gift card

that I want to use

but in the end;

it will wait

until Wednesday



There are many things I want

I have all the clothes I’ll probably need,
yet I still want more

unless I REALLY gain weight

most fit

but I STILL need giftts
for a few people in my life
who have helped me
through a very bad
time in my life

Christmas is a memory
Valentine’s day is in
about a month

I only go there
once or twice a month

The woman in the counsellor’s office
is deserving of a gift from me

I’ll get her some thing nice

Maybe I’ll call it a Chrismastine’s Day gift

She book my appointment
and my speech is awful

I may even write a poem
for the counsellor
she has tried to
point me in the
right direction
to unravel the
troubles in my
Dystonic life

I try to be honest
with the counsellor

but it’s hard

I believe that Fate
drives my destiny
and how it will all
turn out in the end
is unknown to me
My “writer’s” instinct
makes me tend to make
both good and bad
conjectures how
it MAY turn out
I try not dwell

I STILL want to
get out
to spend that
gift card

…but it will
have to wait
for my regular day

Who was who catergorized
shopping in the same spot
in my life as therapy?

That would be…
I also find that
once I write it;
I must do it
I want no-one to
be able to call me a liar

(It’ll wait until Wednesday)

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