Dorothy And The “Wiz”

Today is my last day home
I’m off to see
(of Neurosurgery)
….and if he does his job correctly,
I just might SURVIVE
Not up to me
I’m just the (im) patient
For the 5th time
in about 2 years
I go “under the knife”
He has only one chance
to get it right
IF I have MY way
NO anaesthesthia,
thank you-
IF it’s only my brain
he’s operating on,
he best be ready
to anwer this question:
WHY? The DBS was done
with NO Anaesthia
The Brain does not
process pain
I would bet a fair amount of money
he dances around that question-
looks at the battery incision
and says: It does not look
TERRIFIC…..I’ll take a peek
at it….
OK- compromise- a minimal
amount of a general
Drs….they ALL lie
The last thing this surgeon
wants is: a lawsuit for Thanksgiving
I’m not a holiday person
I cook turkey, but I don’t
like it too much
Let’s face it
I forgo
the Turkey
and get A LOT
of money
for next
He SHOULD be scared
he is such a pompous ass
I have “thin scalp”?
give me a break
It holds one lead
Why is that?
I was JUST told
that I belong
in a nursing homd
Happy Anniversary
After 25 years
of marriage
I belong in a nursing home
because I dropped
a cup of coffee this morning
How dare you say this
to me
I love you
just as much
as you love me
Before you open your mouth



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