1. I am a board certified agoraphobic
  2. but I have been
  3. going out more
  4. I have gone out
  5. each of the last
  6. two days

I am not a huge fan

of daytime TV

and there REALLY

is a limit

of how long

one can

be on a computer

I am just “itching”

to go to


It’s too late

to call a bus

They need 48 hours

Now I could call them

and ask

You never know

until you call


The way I look

at this situation



It’s Friday

I could call

and get a bus

for next Tuesday


I’m on file

for a ride

each Wednesday


What amazes me is this:

I’m the ONLY person

on the bus


It’s free

They pick me up

at my door


How much more


can it be?


My problem?

MY best friend

Here’s what happen’s:
I go somewhere
When they drop
me off; the driver
tells me when
I’m to be done
No problem,


I’m fine
the first hour
In fact,
I’m ready to go home
the bus is not
scheduled to
appear for
another hour

Now~ there are
to every rule
IF I’m with
a friend
I have
a “safety net”

I tend to want
to be out for longer

I also know
I do not have to wait
for a bus
I do not long
for home
because I have
a way home

As long as I know
I can return home
at any point
I’m fine

If I wanted
to go badly
I would
walk there

I’ve done it
and I will do it again

But this question
still remains
Will I go today?

It takes me
10-15 minutes
to walk there

I have a gift card
now; all I need is


and to be totally
I don’t know
that I have any…..


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