I’m Not Sorry

You haven’t the right

to be angry/mad at me

You never apoligized

you just went on

with your life

When the phone rings;

I am not enough of an old fool

to think

that either of you

would call

At the beginning

I would have acceptted

a sincere apology

but neither of you

seem to be sorry

I know; one of you

has a
“new” mother

It doesn’t work

that way

I am genetically linked

to both of you

You both chose to

ignore me


What did I do?

I can accept the fact

that you no longer

need me

I have 3 childen

I only talk to one

Go run to your Dad

I’m the one who sacrificed

for the “privledge”

of raising you

…and what did I get

in return?



I miss you


I don’t even know where

you live




screwed up

I tried to make contact

My conscience is clear

The apologies

must come

from you

14 minutes ago


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