Crime #1 that I was born; the first of my many crimes against you
We grew up (at least I did) I wanted only to be like you to win you over That was crime #2
The more I tried to pull you closer The more you pushed me away and left me behind Crime #3
You have no feeling in your heart no compassion for anyone (except yourself)
The world revolves around you (or so you think) Your soul is gone You sold it to get what you want
I must end thanking you for all you’ve given me you taught me well, my sister and made me what I am today.
I learned so well by example what not to be I’m stronger and better than you will ever be
I have a heart my soul’s in tact and I can feel joy, not misery
You’ll never be happy your life is filled with the hatred
you’ve created by living life in misery
Crime #4? That’s yours, not mine go figure it out The mistakes you’ve made can never be taken back!!
Accept this gift for what it is A sad connotation on your unfulfilled life Crime #5; all mine
Have a Happy Birthday even though you know you can’t ever be satisfied no matter how hard you try.




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