Small Stuff

I DID go to Walmart today

The bus driver

was so nice

been a little shaky;

so I asked whether

I could catch an earlier bus

I must now explain:

it is not a regular bus

It is a bus



by the country

for handicapped,


and residents

who lack funds

for a pay bus

They pick up up

at a predetermined


These buses

run people

like me:

I do not drive

I love to shop

in the morning


I am handicapped


I try VERY hard

to keep my self

physically able

to shop

I rarely write a list

but today i did

I tend to forget


Since I only go

once a week

being organized

really helped

The bus driver

was very nice

I did not want

to stay at the strip

for long enough to spend

ALL my money

I asked the bus driver

IF I could catch an earlier bus

She asked if I could be

out of Walmart

in 1/2 hour

I told her I would

be out in time

I knew how these buses run

They are pretty reliable

and most of the drivers

are very accomendating

I was determined

to be checked out and ready

to leave Walmart by 11Am

It was 10:30

Took a cart

and off I went

I needed about

a dozen items

I need to check experation dates

on perishable items


I needed

and was ready

to come home

at 10:55


In fact;

MOST of the time

it’s the little things

in life

that make me


True to her word,

She showed up

a few minutes

after 11:00

True to my word

I was outside waiting

when I saw the bus

I smiled

It’s a 2 minute drive

to my home

The bus driver

was a sweethart

She carried

my bags

I guess I just don’t look

that steady

When we reached home

I started grabbing bags

She of course, helped

I wanted to tip her

She told me

to put my money away

I see the SAME drivers

ALL the time

I will buy her a gift

All and all

I feel like I acomplished

what I set out to do

I proved to MYSELF

that I am more

than competent

to do a food shopping

might seem trite to you

but I have not been able

to do a food shopping

in about 7 years

I feel better

Like I said:

It’s the small stuff




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