Going shopping  tomorrow

a little Five Below,Walmart,

Ross,Famous Footwear

is just great for this

pilgrim soul

To get up

A little shower

A drink

something to eat

And off I go

to do a tour

of all the stores

up at the end of this


….and cross the street

….a few to the left

…..a few to the right

Tomorrow morning

….all alone

get there by bus

….and back home

a nice walk

or maybe

take the bus

home again

Gee; IF I over eat

I can just walk it off

I never really gain

too much weight

and it come off

in a snap of the finger

Yes…that is

exactly how

I will spend

tomorrow AM

I just hope

that bus

is on time

I need to

save my money

to save my good name

so I won’t buy

anything I don’t

immediately need

Crackers, potato chips

a few more pack

of those Peanut Butter


I eat EVERY day

That’ll be my story

for tomorrow AM

I don’t know

what time the bus

will show up

a nice day tomorrow?

I might just take

the long way home



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