Without Her

I would not
I could not
in a world
where She did not exist
I would rather die
than go on
without her

She’s too young
She has been through
too much

Change is hard;

I don’t know
why it started
I don’t know
when it started
but it has to end

There’s too muuch
temptation out there
She needs help
or She’ll die
…and so would I

The sun would come up
the next day
but I would not be here
to see it

I could not
I would not
I could not
deal with
losing her

The world would go on
and everything would be
the same

but I would not be here

I refuse to go on
without her
…and so will I


Depression On A Beautiful Winter’s Day


It’s was a beautiful day in winter

COLD- but picture perfect

I wanted to go out

BUT I could not move


it who I am

I’ve waged a war against it;

and lost


MY best friend;

My worst enemy


Dolls~ A VERY BAD~ But True Story

OK- I admit it’

I LOVE dolls;

especially baby dolls


I NEVER had a Tea Party

with my dolls

I know it’s nothing evil; but

just for the record-

I NEVER had a doll Tea Party

When it comes to politics;

I think the “Tea Party”

Republicans are out

of their minds

It’s Who I Am

There comes a time

in  everyone’s life

When you have to do

What you used to think

was impossible

I do not like confrontation


things have gone too far

A long time ago

I read a parable

which; for whatever reason

stuck in my mind

I do not want

to do what I know


I have to do it


it’s who I am

and it’s what I’ll do

…to survive

In a perfect world

there is ALWAYS good and bad

GOOD must ALWAYS triumph


Where’s the joy?

I cannot find it

My only joy in my life

is laying on the couch

I’d like to able to laugh

to have peace

~not pieces~

Where’s the joy?

Trying to sleep on the couch

across from where I am

Where am I?

I don’t know

I think I’m


I Am Who I Am

I am who I am

I do what I do

because I am

the kind oF PERSON

who makes no apologies

for being able to cry, to  bleed

when I fall;

and just pick myself up

and go on home

“I did not want to

I did not plan to;

I did it because

it’s who I am-

it’s what I do

but in the final analyst

I do what I have to do

To survive

I do NOT threaten-

I act

and cry about it


Why I Smoke

The TRUTH in 3 little words

I live here

I live with STRESS

I almost never go out

I have a strange condition

Cigarettes actually help

My Brain is endorphin staved

Cigarettes are my brain’ food

No Dr has told me to quit

I even go to a Cardiologist

OK-it’s ALL Bull SHIT

Big Deal Deal

I smoke

4-6 Big ones per day

I don’t drink alcohol

I don’t do recreational drugs